Graphical Emissions Testing Reports

The Comprehensive Testing Program shows the results of testing at the WNA facility for parameters that the EPA and MA DEP require each facility to perform every nine months.

WNA has performed testing on a quarterly basis since the retrofit for the Town of North Andover. The facility has tested for Mercury and Dioxin and Furans and the results show that the facility has complied with all federal requirements.

The WNA facility has shown that the retrofit has contained the Mercury emissions well below the requirements and have followed the department's annual Mercury rolling average reporting. The facility will now be testing the Mercury emissions every nine months in following the state guidelines.
Comprehensive Testing Program

07/14 Comprehensive Test
10/13 Comprehensive Test
01/13 Comprehensive Test
04/12 Comprehensive Test
07/11 Comprehensive Test
10/10 Comprehensive Test
01/10 Comprehensive Test
04/09 Comprehensive Test
07/08 Comprehensive Test
10/07 Comprehensive Test
01/07 Comprehensive Test
04/06 Comprehensive Test
07/05 Comprehensive Test
10/04 Comprehensive Test
01/04 Comprehensive Test
04/03 Comprehensive Test
07/02 Comprehensive Test
10/01 Comprehensive Test
02/01 Comprehensive Test
Supplemental Testing Reports

10/14 Dioxin Test
06/14 Dioxin Test
02/14 Dioxin Test
08/13 Dioxin Test
05/13 Dioxin Test
10/12 Dioxin Test
08/12 Dioxin Test
02/12 Dioxin Test
10/11 Dioxin Test
04/11 Dioxin Test
02/11 Dioxin Test
07/10 Dioxin Test
04/10 Dioxin Test
11/09 Dioxin Test
08/09 Dioxin Test
01/09 Dioxin Test
10/08 Dioxin Test
07/08 Dioxin Test
04/08 Dioxin Test
02/08 Dioxin Test
10/07 Dioxin Test
08/07 Dioxin Test
06/07 Dioxin Test
01/07 Dioxin Test
10/06 Dioxin Test
07/06 Dioxin Test
04/06 Dioxin Test
12/05 Dioxin Test
07/05 Dioxin Test
10/04 Dioxin Test
01/04 Dioxin Test
10/03 Dioxin Test
04/03 Mercury and Dioxin Test
01/03 Mercury and Dioxin Test
11/02 Mercury and Dioxin Test
07/02 Mercury and Dioxin Test
05/02 Mercury and Dioxin Test
03/02 Mercury and Dioxin Test
10/01 Mercury and Dioxin Test
07/01 Mercury and Dioxin Test
04/01 Mercury and Dioxin Test
Annual Mercury Rolling Average

2012[Q1] - 2014[Q4] Mercury Average
2011[Q1] - 2013[Q4] Mercury Average
2010[Q1] - 2013[Q4] Mercury Average
2010[Q1] - 2012[Q4] Mercury Average
2009[Q2] - 2011[Q3] Mercury Average
2008[Q3] - 2010[Q4] Mercury Average
2007[Q4] - 2010[Q1] Mercury Average
2007[Q1] - 2009[Q2] Mercury Average
2006[Q2] - 2008[Q2] Mercury Average
2005[Q3] - 2007[Q4] Mercury Average
2004[Q4] - 2007[Q1] Mercury Average
2004[Q1] - 2006[Q1] Mercury Average
2004[Q4] - 2005[Q3] Mercury Average
2003[Q3] - 2004[Q2] Mercury Average
2003[Q2] - 2004[Q1] Mercury Average
2003[Q1] - 2003[Q4] Mercury Average
2002[Q4] - 2003[Q3] Mercury Average
2002[Q3] - 2003[Q2] Mercury Average
2002[Q2] - 2003[Q1] Mercury Average
2002[Q1] - 2002[Q4] Mercury Average
2001[Q4] - 2002[Q3] Mercury Average
2001[Q3] - 2002[Q2] Mercury Average
2001[Q2] - 2002[Q1] Mercury Average
2001[Q1] - 2001[Q4] Mercury Average

Regulatory Emissions Testing Reports

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