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While operating and maintaining our facility we will never risk the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, or community for any reason

It's trash day and you bring your can of garbage to the end of the driveway or toss it in the dumpster. If you live in Eastern Massachusetts, there's a good chance we're making electricity out of your garbage.

Wheelabrator North Andover’s waste-to-energy facility generates 40 MW of clean, renewable energy for the local utility, enough to power 40,770 homes throughout the Merrimack Valley region as well as its own operations. The facility uses up to 1,500 tons of residential and business waste each day from North Andover, using this local fuel to create a local-energy ecosystem that generates power for the local utility.

A significant community partner to North Andover and neighboring cities and towns, Wheelabrator North Andover contributes to the area’s growth and prosperity by supporting several civic organizations, including police and fire departments, and partnering with North Andover and Merrimack Valley region public schools.

Wheelabrator is also the largest single corporate contributor to Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Merrimack Valley, an organization that provides emergency emotional first aid to children and adults who experience trauma resulting from tragedy or crisis.


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